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Every getaway has its own discount: which traveller are you?

  • The forward-thinking traveller

    Is organisation second nature to you? As well as avoiding last-minute stress, receive discounts of up to 20% on your future holiday for all trips booked 5 months or more before departure.

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  • The insatiable traveller

    When you travel, do you like to get away, disconnect and make the most of every moment? With our long-term discounts, plan a road trip of 7 days or more for less and without any guilt.

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  • The inveterate traveller

    Does every getaway make you want to book your next adventure? Travel smart with an all-inclusive discount motorhome. Saving up to 40% on your rentals, going on holidays doesn't end here!

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Hiring a motorhome: how does it work?


Find the ideal vehicle

Search for a motorhome near you or close to your destination, and enter your travel dates. Your ideal travel buddy awaits you on Yescapa!


Confirm your booking

Send one or more booking requests for the motorhomes you liked the most and wait for owners to respond. Once your booking request accepted, you are free to confirm the booking.


Hit the road

On the day of departure, pick up the vehicle and listen to the precious driving advice the owner has to give you. You are then ready to conquer the roads of Europe with your friends or family.

All types of campervans and motorhomes,
find your perfect vehicle for your next adventure!

With Yescapa you can hire a campervan for great value.


The Campervan Practical and mobile

Its friendly appearance and small size allows you to go where you want. The converted van is a universal vehicle: the perfect mix of homeliness and mobility.


The Motorhome Family friendly and comfortable:

Particularly adapted for travelling with the family, the motorhome offers you the ultimate comfort. It provides you with a real sense of freedom by giving you independence on your journey

Converted van

The Converted Van Be in control of your getaway:

Discrete and manageable, the converted van is halfway between a van and a motorhome. It's the perfect compromise between quality, comfort and suitable vehicle dimensions.