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Travelling in a motorhome or campervan has many advantages, such as the freedom to discover a new destination or the flexibility to easily adapt your plans day by day.

When you think about it, travelling in a motorhome with your pets is the best way to bring them along with you. Yescapa makes it easy to find a vehicle that accepts dogs or pets in general. Your dog will now be free to wonder around with you!

Hire a motorhome with a dog: what are our tips?

Before you head off on your roadtrip with your dog, please make sure your pets' vaccinations are up to date and take their passport with you. We advise your dog has a collar with his name, your name as well as a phone number on it.

When hiring a motorhome that allows pets onboard, it is also important to ensure that the places you park, such as campsites or large natural areas you visit, allow pets. For everyone's safety when travelling in the motorhome, please ensure your pet has a seatbelt.

There are no restrictions on crossing borders with your dog in a motorhome. Whether it's Ireland, Italy, Spain... You can travel all over Europe with your little friend.

If there are no restrictions in this respect, it'll be important to use common sense: park in the shade, ensure there is cool air, close the curtains, fill their water bowl with water and do not leave them alone for too long.

For transport, it is advised to have an appropriate fastening system: safety harness and leash, transport crate, car seat, etc... There are numerous possibilities.

Any dog can be brought along in a motorhome regardless of its size. Though, the bigger the dog, the more important the size and layout of the vehicle will be.

Barriers, railings, gates, a special hold... will ensure your pet is safe throughout the journey (whether on the road or stationary).

The same rules apply with or without a dog. However, be sure to look for pet-friendly motorhome parks.

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